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An Overview – The American Standard Champion Toilet

champion toilet

The American Standard Champion Toilet


Every normal or average house has been partitioned into parts or rooms, for example, the kitchen and the living room. One of the most important thing that every house has is the toilet. Without the toilet, your life can be very miserable. If you take in food then automatically you need an outlet source, and that is what exactly a toilet provides. In this article, however, we will seek to inform you and give you an overview of only one particular line of toilets, that is, the American Standard Champion Toilet.

champion toilet

Advantages of using The American Standard Champion Toilet

Flash power

Champion ToiletAside from being larger in size, the American champion toilet has more flush power as compared to the other toilets. It boasts the possession of the largest siphonic trap way available. This makes sure that the toilet is not clogged therefore saving you on extra costs.

Highly rated

These particular types of toilets are highly rated all over America because of their good qualities. They are known for better wastes removals, and also they have higher maP scores that go to up to 1000.

Water saving

The American Standard Champion Toilets are also known for their water saving abilities. In one flush, the toilets use at most 1.6 gallons of water only. This is a significant improvement of the other types of toilets.

Have cleaner surfaces

In addition to the advantages mentioned earlier, these toilets have very clean surfaces and do not get dirty quickly after washing. They as well have cleaner bowls and sanitary dams that help in the prevention of collection of liquids between the toilet’s bowl and its tank.


The American Standard Champion toilet comes with a lot of advantages like having cleaner surfaces, water conservation, good flash power and above all easy installation. It is for these reasons that these line of toilets are well rated and can be of high value to you in case you are looking for one to buy.

Sewing Machine in Amsterdam Hotels

Sewing Machine Walking Foot 1

For a while now, I have heard some sewing enthusiasts talking about a sewing machine called a walking foot, and I could not help myself in finding out what this machine was all about.

Sometimes I would eavesdrop, and some conversations would go like this, ‘I used my walking foot on the binding, ‘or ‘you will have to use your walking foot for quilting.’ A sewing walking foot is an unusual foot that provides an extra set of feed from the top of the fabric being sewn.

How Does A Walking Foot Look Like?

Unlike other sewing feet, it is bulkier and bigger in size and has an arm that is attached to it in the needle bar. The extra bar coordinates the sewing machine to pull the top fabric through a sewing machine at the same speed it is pulling the fabric at the bottom.

The walking foot has three soles. The standard sole (which is also basic sole) is used in attaching most fabrics. It is used for any fabric given to it by the sewer and used for knits. It has ¼ marking that that actually makes it great for sewing narrow seams on slippery fabrics click here.

Sewing Machine Walking Foot 3

On the other hand, the quilting sole is open and has better visibility for making a thicker padded material. The quilting sole also helps in preventing the padded materials from slipping while the machine is quilting.

Then there is the edge-stitching sole. This is used for edge stitching quilt pieces or top stitching stretch denim.

How To Use The Sewing Machine Walking Foot

The first step before any sewing machine purchase is reviewing the compatibility with your machine. This is done by determining whether your sewing machine is low-shank or high-shank.

Another consideration that can be made is purchasing a walking foot that is open toe if most of the clothes are sewn using stitching that requires looking at the fabric as the needle hits.

Sewing Machine Walking Foot 2

Attach the arm to the needle bar and the foot to the machine from right to left. Use the basic sole to match color blocked seams. Pick two matching colors, line them up and pin them. The two matching fabrics will fit perfectly.

A sewing machine walking foot wears out and breaks during use. This happens when the bottom plastic breaks off during use. To avoid this one should replace the plastic case whenever there is a crack

In conclusion, a walking foot a must have for any sewer that is quilting or in an industrial heavy duty machine.